Hi all, As time is quickly moving on, it is time to decide when to start the quarantine for the birds to be send to the SAMDPR. It seems that earlier send birds do a little better as they have more time to acclimatize to the area and conditions. We are looking to start the […]


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Bon jour and a warm welcome to all our dear friends for visiting this website! is a one-stop website dedicated to all pigeon fanciers, with a common goal to acquire today’s best winning bloodlines of racing pigeons from around the world. Check us out as from time to time, we offer top quality birds for sale or […]

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Exclusive from our guests and subscribers, from time to time we are offering some birds for sale. All you need to do is sign up as a user and select from the birds available or on auctions. Just click on the image to see what’s on offer at this time! You can also find out more […]


Coming from Dutch heritage, where racing pigeons are highly regarded as a very popular sport in Holland, Oscar still vividly remembered their humble beginnings when the DeVries family immigrated to Canada in the late 1970s. The DeVries family settled on a farm over 400 acres outside of South Mountain, which is about 45 minutes south […]